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Marysia with Ryan James Lock Coaching Audio Session 0010 ‘See the space between where you want to go and where you are now.  The distance between there and here is through action. Your action that you chose to take. .’  In this 10th coaching session podcast Ryan continues to coach me on how to market myself and my work, achieving my big goals, looking at my mindset and tackle my limiting beliefs and overcome procrastination.

Ryan coached me over coffee in London a few weeks ago and by the end of the second coffee I had decided to do my first online workshop and webinar and write an ebook!  My first webinar was ‘5 ways to blast through creative blocks and get your project done” You can listen to the replay and this week’s free workshop here

This podcast covered

  • Moving forward and making big drastic steps, really stepping up.
  • Most people know what they need to step up to the next level but there are often mental blocks to the doing.
  • You know what to do but you are not doing it.

‘The strategies you have used to get you to where you are now, are not the same strategies that you need to take you to the next level.’

I did my normal last chaos to do my book and webinar recently.  ‘Little and often’ does not really work unless I have had to implement it eg voice and singing practice every day.

My ebook and webinar I kept putting off actually doing until the deadline got too near to ignore. Four days from the deadline I had to work out the technology of a webinar or a ebook shop plus assemble the ebook and write the webinar.

In my setting a date then I again HAVE to produce so I was up til 3 am most mornings and go to that uber focused place.

Ryan says you must congratulate yourself in getting on and stepping up to the next stage of your life.

Ryan’s procrastination list exercise

  • Write out a list of everything you are putting off doing that you know you should be.
  • Where are you playing too small?
  • What steps could you take for your business or creativity?
  • Then write against each one a step you can take.

In writing my ebook  I then knew I wanted a dip in/dip out book rather than a progression from start to finish. It was only on starting to compile this I realised that was what this book needed.

‘The worse thing you can do is nothing’

I am struggling though with doing my showreel, editing it and getting it out there.
As actors or creatives we are always waiting for clips or production stills to then send out. We have to collate pieces of showreel for work and yet I have been refusing to watch myself. How else can people know I can act on screen if they can’t see my work? I need showreel to move forward to do film and TV work.

I really focused on getting the webinar and ebook out the door last week and not on the actual marketing of myself.

Do you have a portfolio of work that you are happy to show people?

I also have not been marketing my Londontown, track you hear at the beginning and end of the podcasts. The universe is reflecting back my hesitation.
The universe seems to have stopped just as I have stopped myself from moving forward by refusing to do the work I need to do next; producing and putting my showreel and also getting my Londontown single out there.
I am refusing to watch myself on screen, then put in an edit and let the world see it, what happens if the world thinks I am a bad actress?

If the work is not out there the world can’t think I am bad or it is terrible.
If I don’t do that then noone can see me and judge it.

Ryan says ‘If you don’t move forward nothing can.’

Ryan says that I have raised the bar for myself, the space between where you are and where you could be, that space manifests itself as anxiety, worry, hesitation.

Ryan encourages me to look at the fact I have done well. Look at where I am now and how I have moved forward. I am more self aware and developed a progressive mentality.

I mention my F*** Guilt blog post

Have developed my blogging and podcasts and I love it, it is though easier to do that work than the work of marketing myself as an actor or of a new song or show.
‘Those that can do, those that can’t teach.’ That is not true of me; I have written shows, albums etc and put them out  but still  I am hesitating about putting my art out in the work this time round.
I am blocked on showing the new work, this is a very standard creative problem. Each time you break through it, but it is always hard again for each project, the fears of not knowing if it is good.

The 2 things that I need to do to put out my art: my showreel and my Londontown track are the two things that take me as an artist forward and are thus the things I am procrastinating on.

Ryan suggests this

  • Close your eyes (if appropriate!)
  • Take a very deep breath
  • Think about the completion of that task such as the showreel being done, or the single being properly promoted,
  • Feel how that feels when the project is done
  • Take another breath
  • You have set a GPS in your mind by doing this, of where you want to go. The distance between there and here is through action. Your action that you chose to take. So close your eyes feel how good it will feel to have the project done and then take the action.
  • That space is in your power and under your control. You can move it forward to take your project to where you want to go, the finished properly promoted project,
  • Visualise the goal as already achieved, really feel that feeling of satisfaction.

When I try this exercise I can feel good and then also know how much work I need to do!

What happens if I don’t get the results I want? If the work is not out there I cannot be judged. But I have to do it!

P.S I got the showreel done 3 days  after recording this and doing this exercise

Also I am looking at my 3 novels; The Bloomsbury Tunes, The Ride and my third I am still on draft one of.. I have determined that I will do proper marketing and 2014 has to be about stepping up massively.

The only way I did last weeks work and the ebook was massive unprecedented daily action and I had a deadline that I had to hit.

Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 20.32.20

The fear of doing it before I start, you always have that fear.

Ryan says I have already proved I am incredibly capable but the self belief, how you feel about yourself affects everything especially in how you promote yourself, as in his BYOP programme

Ryan says I know what to do,

I do know better, that I have to walk forward, inner resistance is always there at the start,. It never goes away.

You take a tremendous step forward, you get comfortable there and you then have to take the next step again. Another huge step, as in the gym when you step up the weights it hurts!

Say ‘Even though  I am really resisting doing this, I am going to chose right now to do it anyway. Even though I am resisting doing this and I don’t actually want to feel uncomfortable I am going to chose to take action anyway’

My mind is trying to keep me safe with this anxiety

‘Even Though’ comes from EFT Tapping, You are not saying ‘I feel good now’; but ‘even though I feel uncomfortable now I am going to chose to do it anyway’

Round up
It is ok to feel uncomfortable, anxious and scared the key to move forward is to do it anyway.
So listen to these sessions, they are actual coaching conversations on breaktrhoighs and moving forward.
Give yourself 2014 as a great year!

Ryan’s latest article

Ryan and I  have both been busy with free online workshops,

The next free webinars.
Marysia’s webinar listen here
‘Three ways to survive Christmas as a Creative
Thursday Dec 19th 6pm GMT
So family pressures ‘Why don’t you get a proper job’ and dealing with guilt

Ryan’s webinar here
‘Five mistakes that are costing you clients and what to do about them’
Thursday Dec 19th 8pm GMT

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