Workshop on how to blast through creative blocks & get your project done

Five Ways to get your project done as a creative
How to blast through creative blocks and get your project done from the initial spark of an idea to getting your projects finished & out there!

FREE Online Workshop
1pm GMT  London time Thursday 12th December 2013

Do you have a novel half finished or just never started?
Any album of songs about your ex that you would love to write, record and sell?
A series of paintings that you would love to do and show at a gallery?

If you answered yes then I have created this free workshop for creatives; whether you are a writer, an actor, a film maker or a fine artist. I cover five proven strategies to get those creative muscles working and in creating and finishing YOUR ART.

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Why listen to me?

I have written shows, music, albums, stand up comedy routines, novels, learn to play eight instruments for stage or recording studios and then released my projects and toured my shows, sold CD’s, mugs and tickets. I have done gigs from 2 people to 3000 as a singer, an actress and as a comic.
Most of all I have sold inspiration. People always leave my shows saying how inspired they are to go make some art themselves. It might be in the early years it was because they thought ‘Well if she is doing it and I am much better so why shouldn’t I!’, but the truth is these are some proven strategies that can get you off the couch and writing the novel, the album or make the film you always said you would.

If you would like your dream project to be completed then this workshop is for you.

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I will personally show you

* How to exercise the right to be terrible

* Give yourself permission to make art and not care what others think

* Ways to get your project out of the door and into the public’s and agents hands

* Concrete actions to ensure you do the work of creating your project

* Tools to keep you on track and keeping the drama on the page and canvas rather than in your life.

If you are afraid that  people will laugh at your art or worse, ignore it, or that all your friends say how hard it is to be a successful actor so why indeed bother working on your showreel, don’t worry. You are not alone and these 5 strategies have helped me and many of the creatives I work get on with the work of being creative without being all dramatic about the process.

End 2013 with a bang and 2014 with a plan and hope in your artistic heart

FREE Online Workshop
1pm GMT  London time Thursday 12th December 2013

Register by emailing or Go here to watch the workshop!