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13 minute task of the day / Creative Dreaming / Gratitude / Podcast / April 15, 2013

Here is my second ever podcast – woohoo ;-)  and my first Weekly Newsletter to keep myself and you  focused on creativity. This first newsletter sets a 13 minute creative exercise  of building a file of happiness and starts the weekly tracking where I encourage you to do an end of week/beginning of next week think back on what has been done, produced, worked on and booked creatively.
Whether you a full time painter or a 40 hours a week worker who sings on the side, this is to encourage you to create and make the world a better place, one song, poem, piece of art at a time.

I welcome comments below on what you have achieved last week or will achieve this week.

My previous Blog post covered the file of happiness in a bit more detail if you need it.

Setting up the shoot

Setting up the shoot

As you know Love Your is dedicated to all creatives trying to make great work and make a living from it.
About Marysia and Love Your Creativity
I blog at least three times a week on creativity and techniques to get your art on. Whether you are a musician, an actor or a choreographer I endeavour to make is a place to come for inspiration and motivation.
I also podcast interviews and this weekly newsletter via podcast with a 13 minute task of the day.
The music I use Londontown, is a track I wrote years ago and Andrew Hyde and I are currently working on 3 remixes of it. We will be releasing it very soon as a dance track, dub step mix and bar mix.  I figured if I was going to podcast I may as well use my own tune!

One of my outfit changes

One of my outfit changes

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Marysia is an in demand creative who works as a actress, singer and is the founder of which inspires creatives to get focused and making great art and money.

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No complaining. Make art and be satisfied. Some art, script, photo, film, writing competitions

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One of my outfit changes playing a serial dater (13/04/13)